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How Stinging Nettle Flower Essence Helps You:


Use Stinging Nettle Flower Essence when you lack the ability to recognize an unhealthy, toxic, or abusive situation. You may feel powerless, angry, and incapable of changing the situation. You may feel unable to change old behavior patterns or to live as your authentic self. As your body responds to these feelings and unhealthy situations, it may manifest as physical imbalances such as allergies, tiredness, foggy unclear thinking, a weakened immune system, arthritis, and other joint issues, to name a few.

Stinging Nettle Flower Essence helps you see and change old behaviors. For example, behaviors necessary for survival as a child are not healthy as an adult. Stinging Nettle Essence clears your thinking and aligns your heart with self-love and connection to Spirit. This enables you to see and respond to unhealthy, toxic, or abusive situations more appropriately. These can be on any level – a relationship that no longer serves you, negative thinking about yourself and your life, addictive food or drug habits – anything that does not support your true being. Stinging Nettle Flower Essence may help with menopause symptoms if the above situations feed them.


How Stinging Nettle Flower Essence Was Made:


Stinging Nettle Flower Essence was made by the "no pick" method of working directly with the plant spirit.  While this essence was being made, a matrix of amber, Apache tear obsidian, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, moldavite, Peruvian pink opal, pink Lemurian seed crystal, rhodonite, rose quartz, smoky quartz, and white and red stilbite crystals were placed among the mother (storage) bottles and plants. The sun acts as a transformer to step down spiritual energies from higher dimensions. While the essence was being made, Amberacted as a lens to receive and focus sunlight for this purpose. It aligns the subtle bodies with the physical bodies, transmutes negative energy into positive energy, and emits sunny and soothing energy that calms and enlivens the disposition. Apache tear obsidian helps you find joy in the physical plane and the spiritual lessons it has to teach. It assists with shifting negative thoughts to more positive thoughts with which to create your reality. Drusy Quartz crystals help to energize and stabilize your subtle bodies. Icosahedron cut quartz has 20 (5X4) equilateral sides. It is a bridge between the 5th Dimension - the entry into the unified Spiritual realms - and the four cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) on Earth. Moldavite was formed as part of meteorites that fell to Earth more than 15 million years ago. It serves the inhabitants of Earth by facilitating strong, clear, and direct interdimensional interconnectedness between your consciousness and the higher planes of Light.
Peruvian pink opalclears and calms the heart and brings a sense of peace and tranquility. Pink Lemurian seed crystal helps you to rise above perceived isolation and separation from Spirit while on the Earth plane and to connect from your heart with the Divine Feminine. Rhodonitecarries the qualities of love, compassion, and generosity. It supports you to recognize and clarify your gifts and use them for the highest good in service to others and our Mother Earth. Rose Quartz encourages gentle emotional healing, reinstating self-love and uniting with the Divine; it shifts your body from stress-based physiology to a higher frequency of Love-based physiology. Smokey Quartz gently dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages and allows positive frequencies to enter. It is grounding, purifying, and protective while helping you utilize higher frequency energies. White and red stilbite has a healing effect on the mind and energy fields. It supports you when you feel overwhelmed or uncentered by too many daily tasks or are unclear about how to integrate the rapid change on your spiritual path. These crystals' actions inform how this flower essence seats into the physical body.

While Stinging Nettle Flower Essence was being made imprints of spirit song coming through Diana's voice were infused into the essence.


Stinging Nettle Flower Essence Summary:


Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) - Support for coming out of the fog of living in a way that can't support our true Being. Aids makes clear-minded and heart-centered choices about changing your relationship to unhealthy, toxic situations.




As The Essence Says Of Itself:


I AM clear-minded, heart-centered, and have healthy decisions about life choices.


Medicinal, Food, and Wildlife Qualities:


Stinging nettle is a common perennial herb to 8 feet found on moist forest edges, meadows, and disturbed sites with rich soil. Hollow hairs on the leaves and stems inject folic acid into the skin, causing a stinging sensation. Nettles is a valuable plant for food, medicine, and materials. Harvest young leaves and tender stems (wear gloves) in Spring. They are high in vitamin A, B, C, K, calcium, potassium, iron, and many trace minerals. They can be eaten when steamed, sautéed, or added to soups or stews. Do not eat raw. Tea of dried leaves and roots or a tincture is used for menopause symptoms, blood building, hay fever, allergies, urinary tract infections, strengthening kidneys, and nourishing the nervous system. Compresses or creams of stinging nettle can treat joint pain, sprains and strains, tendonitis, and insect bites. Historically, the late-season fibrous stems were used to make solid cords for basketry, ropes, and fishing nets.


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