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How California Poppy Flower Essence Helps You:

Use California Poppy Flower Essence if you experienced birth trauma either while being born or giving birth. This can include but is not limited to, physical or emotional trauma in utero, being stuck in the birth canal, inability to push, pulled out by forceps, having the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck, breech birth, or C-section. Mother and baby will both benefit from this essence. If the soul of a fetus has “second thoughts” about being born into the Earth plane, or if the birth is very difficult, the soul may not completely fuse with the physical body during birth. Then the child/adult often has difficulty fully engaging life. California Poppy Flower Essence is useful right after birth or any time you are consciously revisiting and healing your birth process.
California Poppy Essence is helpful for parents who have had loses during a birth experience. For example, parents who lost a baby during pregnancy or at birth; also, for a father who lost the baby's mother during childbirth who consciously or unconsciously blames the baby.
California Poppy Flower Essence is also a wonderful ally when you are “rebirthing” your life, including “birthing” new ideas, actions, or ways of being. Any unresolved trauma or issues from your physical birth may surface and inhibit your intended progress.
California Poppy Flower Essence helps to relieve the sense of powerlessness, hopelessness, anger, or depression that may accompany physical or emotional birth trauma. It encourages your soul to feel at home in your body and to resonate with the sweet song of belonging on Earth. It carries tender healing for those who have lost loved ones during a birthing process and helps to heal intergenerational wounded hearts. This essence relates to the root, sacral, heart, and 3rd eye chakras.
When birthing a new life for yourself, it rebalances the tendency to feel powerless, uncentered, highly emotional, overwhelmed, or unable to move forward with the actions that you want to take. Experiencing any or all of these may lead to anger toward yourself or someone else. California Poppy Flower Essence helps to restore balance and perspective with your process and encourages your ability to fully engage in life. 
California Poppy is a very important essence for humanity at this time! We each need to rebirth to higher consciousness and ways of living to create lasting peace on Earth. 

How California Poppy Flower Essence Was Made:

California Poppy Flower Essence was made by the no-pick method of working directly with the plant spirit. Crystals of amber, blue kyanite, cherry quartz, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, labradorite, mook jasper, smokey quartz, wavellite, white moonstone, and white and red stilbite were placed among the plants with the storage (mother) bottles during this process. The sun acts as a transformer to step down spiritual energies from higher dimensions. While the essence was being made, Amber acted as a lens to receive and focus sunlight for this purpose. Blue kyanite creates “bridges” over gaps created by emotional energy blockages that act like skips in a CD track. These bridges create new pathways of energy flow that shift your perception of the world. Cherry quartz is a powerful healing stone that instills hope and helps you to see the bigger picture. It strengthens the heart. Drusy quartz crystals help to energize and stabilize your subtle bodies. Icosahedron cut quartz has 20 (5X4) equilateral sides. It is a bridge between the 5th Dimension - the entry into the unified Spiritual realms - and the 4 cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) on Earth. Labradorite helps you to uncover subconscious beliefs, self-talk and emotional patterns that may lead to “mystery illnesses.” It shifts your attention from focusing on the illness toward aligning with healing thoughts and prayers. Mook Jasper helps pregnant parents communicate with their unborn children and clears unhealthy multigenerational patterns from the genetic code. Aligns the root, heart, and 3rd eye chakras to provide a sense of belonging on Earth. Smokey Quartz gently dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages and allows positive frequencies to enter. It is grounding, purifying, and protective while helping you to utilize higher frequency energies. Wavellite aids bonding and heals rifts between parents and children. It clears cellular memory and engenders health by calming anger and unraveling attitudes that create illness brought on by soul loss from shock or trauma. White moonstone instills calm and awareness. It helps you sort your emotions to see how they serve your higher purpose. White and red stilbite has a calming influence and brings inner peace that frees your Self. The actions of the crystals inform the way this flower essence seats into the body/mind.
While the California Poppy Flower Essence was being made, imprints of rattle and spirit song coming through Diana’s voice were infused into the essence.

California Poppy Flower Essence Summary:


As California Poppy Essence Says Of Itself:

I AM soul empowered and emotionally balanced capacity to fully engage in life.

Herbal, Food & Wildlife Qualities:

California poppy, a self-seeding annual, is native to western North America and prefers sandy, open, sunny sites. It is a pioneer species that is sometimes found in vacant lots, roadsides, and in unexpected places in the garden. When a child of the indigenous Ohlone tribe was restless or unable to sleep, one or two California poppy flowers were placed beneath the bed to help relax the child. A tincture or tea infusion of the aerial parts (and roots according to some herbalists) helps to relieve insomnia, anxiety, spasmodic coughing, and pain from acute injury or toothache. Externally the cut root or a salve of California poppy helps to heal cuts or scrapes. It is gentle enough to be used by both children and adults.

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