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How Devil's Club Flower Essence Helps You:

Use Devil's Club Flower Essence when you feel drained by the weight of all that is hard to be with, whether it is part of your life or the larger world arena. Helpful when you feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. A strong ally when you feel cut off from your spiritual roots, possibly leading to grief, dissociation, addictive tendencies, abusive behavior, or lack of inspiration. Physical symptoms may include respiratory problems, blood sugar imbalances like diabetes, or inflammatory conditions like arthritis. 
Devil's Club Flower Essence lifts the weight of the world off of your shoulders and comforts your weary soul. It helps you separate from the thorns of life and nurture yourself while reconnecting to your spiritual roots. Devil’s Club is a power plant and healer in Native American cultures and herbalists. At one time or another, people of every cultural lineage have experienced displacement and disempowerment at the hands of conquerors, religions, corporations, or Earth changes like floods, volcanic eruptions, etc. When you find peace and connection to the Spirit within yourself, you can heal these types of wounds and reconnect to your inspiration and joy. Devil's Club Flower Essence is often used by social workers, medical professionals, caregivers, and healers. It is especially helpful for those who protect the health and sacredness of Mother Earth.


How Devil's Club Flower Essence Was Made:

Devil's Club Flower Essence was made by the no-pick method of working directly with the plant spirit. While the essence was being made, crystals of amber, bloodstone, carnelian, chrysocolla, fire agate, icosahedron quartz, red jasper, smokey quartz, and drusy quartz were placed among the plants with the storage (mother) bottles. The sun acts as a transformer to step down spiritual energies from higher dimensions. While the essence was being made, Amber acted as a lens to receive and focus sunlight for this purpose. Bloodstone is an intense healing stone that helps to balance your body while your energy fields realign. It also facilitates admittance to the spiritual realms of the ancestors. Carnelian unites physical vitality with courage and confidence to embrace transformation in your life. Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, tranquility, conciliation, and reassurance. It heals issues of the emotional body and has a special bond to the energies of the Earth. Fire agate initiates waking up from the sleep of living a safe routine life and inspires a zest for living authentically and passionately with joy. Icosahedron cut quartz has 20 (5X4) equilateral sides. It bridges the 5th Dimension - the entry into the unified Spiritual realms - and the 4 cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) on Earth. Red Jasper balances the chakras assists with journeying to higher frequency dimensions and grounds you to the stabilizing energies of Earth. It also instills physical vitality, emotional balance, and zest for life. Smokey quartz is a premiere grounding stone that helps you be more embodied and engaged with the world. It gently dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages and allows positive frequencies to enter. Drusy quartz crystals help to energize and stabilize your subtle bodies. The actions of the crystals inform the way this essence seats in the physical body.
While this essence was being made, the sounds of rattle and spirit song through Diana’s voice and the energy of eagle feather were imprinted into the essence. 

Devil's Club Flower Essence Summary:

Devil's Club (Oplopanax horridus) - Provides support and comfort when life experiences have drained your inspiration and joy. Transforms thorns into a healing balm and reconnects you to your spiritual roots.

As The Essence Says Of Itself:

I AM solace to those who are spiritually wounded and world-weary.

Herbal, Food & Wildlife Qualities:

Devil's Club is native to the US Pacific North Coast. It is armed with large sharp thorns along the large thick stems and on both the top and bottom leaf ribs. Its flowers are tiny and whitish in numerous compact heads that form a cone. In late summer, the flat red berries are a favorite of birds. It is a bane to hikers and a blessing to herbalists. Devil's Club is in the same family as Ginseng and is still an important herb to indigenous peoples. Generally, the inner root bark is used for respiratory issues, blood sugar regulation, diabetes, and arthritis.

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